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Optimize your hot water system with AutoHot controls. We have solutions for all types of buildings: Residential, Multifamily, or Commercial. New construction or retrofit. We are dedicated to researching and developing the latest hot water technology that saves water and energy, and improves the service of hot water.


Eliminate the wait for hot water at any fixture in your house by using AutoHot's on-demand recirculation pump system, and save thousands of gallons of water per year


Optimize your commercial hot water system and reduce total water heating energy use by up to 30% or more using the AutoHot Hot Water Energy Management System (EMS)

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The AutoHot EMS can be installed onto your multifamily or commercial building’s central hot water system at low or NO cost...

Remote Monitoring

Want to monitor your system remotely and manager energy use? Want to be notified when system failure occurs? AutoHot has you covered

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Building Energy Code Requirements

Central to a high performing hot water system is a demand-controlled recirculation pump. Building energy codes and performance certifications are now requiring that buildings that use hot water recirculation pumps must also have demand controls to help regulate the system run time for reduced energy losses. Using and specifying the AutoHot system will help your building meet these code requirements and ensure efficient hot water delivery in any application. Look for these requirements in such new building standards such as: California Title 24 (part 6), International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), The Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program, LEED for Homes v4 and others.

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