Remote Monitoring

Turn Your Domestic Hot Water System into an Energy Economizing Smart System

Want to monitor your hot water system remotely and be notified when a system failure occurs?

AutoHot Has You Covered!

Every commercial AutoHot system comes Wi-Fi enabled and can connect to a local Wi-Fi hotspot.  Once connected, with a compatible network connection, you can easily set up an account to access your data and start tracking your hot water system. 

Remote Monitoring | Benefit

  • Track and record performance data in real time and view data history, (which can help pinpoint potential issues saving time and money).
  • Customizable to your system- works with any conventional domestic hot water or solar thermal system.
  • Have alert notifications sent direct as soon as the system starts to malfunction to prevent or minimize downtime.
  • Diminish complaints from tenants, (know about delays before your tenants do).
  • Maintain efficiency of your DHW and/or Solar Thermal System.
  • Control temperature settings and recirculation controls remotely.

No-cost or Subscriptions Required

Check out our demonstration on how Remote Monitoring works and how to log-in to your account to start tracking your systems performance.

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