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Reduce Your Gas Bill And Energy Consumption At Your Building

The Peoples Gas® – Greater Chicago Area

Commercial and Industrial Program

Get an instant cash back rebate for purchasing and installing AutoHot demand recirculation controls on any multifamily building or hotel/dorm with a central hot water system.

Commercial and industrial customers can receive rebates when they install our On-Demand Circulating Hot Water Pump Control. 

New equipment must be installed and old equipment removed. Only new products that meet the energy efficiency specifications listed on the application qualify.


Must replace or retrofit existing hot water recirculating pump buildings operating 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with no existing controls such as an aquastat or timer. Existing domestic hot water systems must have natural gas as a fuel source.

Guidelines Pre-Qualification

  1. Equipment must control recirculation pump(s) utilizing a controller which will not activate the recirculation pump unless both:
  • The recirculation loops return water has dropped below a prescribed temperature..The central domestic hot water demand is sensed as water flow through the central domestic hot water system.
  1. Must be installed as an add-on to an existing central domestic hot water system.
  2. Multi-family buildings must have more than 5 dwelling units with permanent or semi-permanent tenants.
  3. Hotel/Motel and Dorms must have more than 30 rooms.
    $18.00 per guest/dorm room rebate.
  4. Rebates are capped at $2,000.

Note: Pre-approval is required for prescriptive rebates greater than or equal to $5,000


  • In order to sign up, you need to fill out the digital application and submit your central gas bill with the application by email.
  • On page 12 of the document, you will find the portion for On-Demand Circulating Hot Water Pumps.
  • Depending on the size of your location, you might be eligible for Remote Monitoring, as an optional no-cost service, provided you have a compatible Wi-Fi signal.

For More Information on the Commercial and Industrial Program at Peoples Gas® please Contact Us.