AutoHot Limited Warranty

This Warranty is Applicable to the original owner only in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions specified before.

The Warrantor will Furnish the Original Owner the Following:

  1. A replacement of AutoHot of identical model or current equivalent model if a component inside the AutoHot control box fails.
  2. A replacement part for any external component part which fails. 

The replacement AutoHot or part will be warranted for only the unexpired portion of the original warranty. The warranty period will be determined by the original date of purchase of the AutoHot, or in the absence of a Bill of Sale verifying said date, from the date of manufacture indicated on the rating plate affixed to the AutoHot enclosure. The warranty is not transferable and applies to models listed below: 

Warranty Information Table

Conditions and Exceptions: 

The warranty shall apply only when the AutoHot is installed and operated in accordance with: 

  1. All local fire codes, electrical codes, plumbing codes and/or other ordinances and regulations.
  2. The printed instructions provided. 
  3. Good industry practices.
  4. Proper safety practices.

This warranty shall apply only when the AutoHot is: 

  • Owned by the original purchaser.
  • Installed for indoor operation only, or if installed for outdoor operation, installed correctly per manufacturer’s guidelines for installation. 
  • Used in a non-corrosive and non-contaminated atmosphere.
  • Used with factory approved accessories installed. 
  • In the original installation location.
  • In the United States, its territories or possessions, and Canada. 
  • Has relays sized in accordance with property sizing techniques for the controlled pump.
  • Bearing a rating plate which has not been altered, defaced or removed except as required by the warrantor. 
  • Installed with no attempted, nor actual modification or alteration of the AutoHot design in any way, including but not limited to: The attachment of non-company approved appliances or equipment, including any additional aftermarket equipment introduced into the control, monitoring, or electrical pathways. 

Any accident to the AutoHot or any part thereof, (including freezing, fire, floods, or lightning), any misuse, abuse or alteration of it, any operation of it in a modified form, or any damage caused by attempts to repair the AutoHot will void implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability imposed on the sale of this AutoHot under state law are limited to one year duration for the heater or any of its parts. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Claim Procedure 

Any claim under this warranty should be initiated with the dealer who sold the AutoHot, or with any other dealer handling the warrantor’s products. If this is not practical, the owner should contact: 

Enovative Manufacturing   
11823 Slauson Ave. Ste: 30               
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670      
(866) 495-2734

The warrantor will only honor replacement with identical or similar AutoHot Parts thereof, which are manufactured or distributed by the warrantor. 

Dealer replacements are made subject to in-warranty validation by warrantor.

This warranty does not apply to a Commercial AutoHot used in a Residential Setting, nor does it cover a Residential AutoHot used in a Commercial Setting, without prior written approval for warrantor. 

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary under the laws of each state. If any provision of this warranty is prohibited or invalid under applicable state law, that provision shall be ineffective to the extent of the prohibition or invalidity without invalidating the remainder of the affected provision or the other provisions of this warranty. 

Service and Labor Responsibility 

Under this limited Warranty, the Warrantor will provide only a replacement AutoHot or part thereof. The owner is responsible for all other costs. 

Such costs may include but are not limited to: 

  1. Labor charges for service, removal, or reinstallation of AutoHot or part thereof. 
  2. Shipping and delivery charges for forwarding the AutoHot or replacement part from the nearest distributor and returning the claimed defective AutoHot or part to such distributor. 
  3. All costs necessary or incidental for handling and administrative charges, and for any materials and/or permits required for installation of the replacement AutoHot or part. 

Limitation on Implied Warranties 

Proof of purchase and proof of installation date are required to support warranty claims from the original owner. 


No expressed warranty has been or will be made on behalf of the warrantor with respect to the machinability of the heater or the installation operation, repair or replacement of the heater or parts. The warrantor shall not be responsible for water damage, loss of use of the unit, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, or other consequential damage. The warrantor shall not be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherside for damage to any persons or property, whether direct or indirect, and whether arising in contract or in tort. 

Should governmental regulation or industry standards prohibit the manufacturer from furnishing a comparable model replacement under this warranty, the owner will be furnished with the closest comparable model meeting the then current governmental regulations and industry standards. A supplementary fee may be assessed to cover the additional cost associated with the changes made to meet applicable regulations and standards.