The AutoHot EMS can be installed onto your multifamily or commercial building’s central hot water system at low or NO cost, depending on the type of building and the rebates offered by your local gas utility.
Call us now to see if you qualify for rebates, or refer to the links below to sign up today.

SoCal Gas® - Southern California

Take advantage and get an AutoHot Temperature Modulation controller installed on your apartment building’s central water heater at NO COST! The AutoHot automatically adjusts water heating temperature based on demand and may reduce your total hot water gas bill by up to 20% or more.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a multifamily building with a central water heater serving at least 2 dwelling units.
  • Must be a customer of SoCal Gas®
To sign up, sign digital application and submit a copy of your gas bill:

People’s Gas – Greater Chicago Area

Get an instant cash back rebate for purchasing and installing AutoHot demand recirculation controls on any multifamily building or hotel/dorm with a central hot water system.

Eligibility Requirements

  • For multifamily buildings, must have more than 5 dwelling units
  • For hotel/motels and dorms must have more than 30 rooms
  • Multifamily rebate is $35/dwelling unit
  • Hotel/motel and dorm rebate is $18/guest room
  • Rebates are capped at $2,000.00

Download application: