Reduce Your Gas Bill and Usage at Your Building

SoCalGas® Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Do you own or manage a multi-family building that has a central domestic hot water system serving at least two dwelling units? If so… then you might qualify for a no-cost AutoHot upgrade.

Take advantage today of the SoCalGas® Rebate for The AutoHot Temperature Modulation Controller; ie Gas Saving Controller. The AutoHot turns any basic water heater or boiler into a economizing smart system and will help reduce your monthly water heating gas bill up to 20 percent. The rebate covers the cost of the controller and installation, so you pay nothing out of pocket.

Have One Installed Today

How To Apply

Signing up is easy.  Just fill out the digital application and submit your SoCalGas® bill with the application or by email.

Temperature Modulation Controllers

How They Work

The Temperature Modulation Controller automatically adjusts the water temperature based on hot water demand.

During peak periods of hot water use the temperature remains at its existing temperature. During low/no periods of use (e.g. middle of the night) the AutoHot automatically resets to a lower temperature, matching heating capacity to demand, and saving energy.

Your water heater will heat to precisely the correct temperature no matter what time of day!

Remote Monitoring Feature

Optional Complimentary Service
  • Monitor your system remotely.  As an optional no-cost service, AutoHot can connect to a Wi-Fi network and provide remote access to your hot water system data. Get notified of potential hot water system issues before tenants find out the hard way!
  • Remote Monitoring is not contingent on receiving a controller. You have the option of not having this service provided given you do not have a signal or have opted out. You will still benefit from the AutoHot saving your property each month on your monthly gas bill.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be a multifamily building with a central water heater serving at least two dwelling units.
  • Residential/individual gas bills from tenants do not qualify.
  • Must be a customer of SoCalGas®

For More Information on the SoCal Gas® – Southern California Multi-Family Rebate Program, please Contact Us.