Commercial Demand Recirculation System | 55-Series Pump | 3 Temp Sensors | MicroSD Card | DC055A

Commercial Demand Recirculation System | 55-Series Pump | 3 Temp Sensors | MicroSD Card | DC055A


  • For Use on Standard Plumbing with a dedicated Return Line and light commercial buildings. 
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities.
  • Controls the recirculation pump and modulates storage tank temperature based on demand.
  • Eliminates the wait for hot water at your office or building, saving thousands of gallons of needlessly wasted water per year.

Engineers and Builders: 

Recommended Installation

  • Best suited for light commercial buildings when the distance of the farthest fixture from the water heater is less than 100 feet away.  
  • The 55 pump works best when the distance of the recirculation loop is under 200 lineal feet.
  • Works with any tank, tankless or heat pump water heater. 


  • Demand Recirculation Control: Optimizes recirculation pump run-time for energy savings and efficient hot water distribution. 
  • Temperature Modulation: Resets water heater temperature based on demand.
  • Data Collection: Continuously collects system performance data to show you how well your system is running.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Access system performance data from any device, anywhere. Control your water heater and pumps remotely.
  • Auto Fault Detection and Alert Notifications: Receive hot water system fault alert emails when the system is not running properly or efficiently.

Value Proposition 

  • Running faucets and showers waiting to get hot water can easily waste as much as 30 gallons of water daily.  
  • Reducing recirculation run-time in a commercial or multifamily building may increase overall water heating efficiency by up to 30 percent or more.  
  • Dramatically reduce water recirculation run-time while still providing reliable hot water service. 
  • Resets water heater temperature based on building demand.
  • Receive hot water system alert emails when the system is not running properly or efficiently with our Remote Monitoring software. 

Optimized System Performance and Data Collection

Pumps that run 24/7 not only cause your water heater to fire up more frequently than needed, but also can create pipe erosion, leading to pipe pitting or pinhole leaks.

Recirculation and Temperature Controller 55-Series Pump Benefits: 

  • Reduces pump operation by 90 percent.
  • Reduces total hot water energy use by up to 30 percent. 
  • Reduces occurrence of pipe pinhole leaks.
  • Increases the useful life of the hot water system.

Features and Usage 

  • For Use on Standard Plumbing with a dedicated Return Line. 
  • For new construction or retrofit. 
  • Can be used with a building’s existing, functional recirculation pump. 
  • Works with any gas or electric DHW heating system.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured by AutoHot in the USA.

Installation Guidelines 

  • All sensors are surface mounted and non-invasive. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Controller works with any conventional, constant speed circulator pump that does not already have controls integrated.  

Commercial AutoHot Includes 

  • Controller.
  • Three temperature sensors. 
  • Micro SDCard.
  • 4 mainboard Current Transducers (CT) switch inputs to track equipment runtime such as gas valves, pumps.
  • 3 additional digital temperature sensor inputs.
  • Record data to onboard SD card such as up to 3 temperature points (min, max, avg), 4 CT switches for equipment runtime (totalized and per period), and sensor activity. 
  • Onboard LCD Display provides the ability to make settings adjustments and to connect to available Wi-Fi networks. 

Recommended Accessories

Current Transducer (CT) Loggers
Digital Temperature Sensors 

ERK-001 External Relay Kit
Pump Wall Mounting Brackets MBKT-19A Kit

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 in