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  • AutoHot Copper Temperature Sensor Diagram

    Copper Temperature Sensor

    • Lightweight design, exquisite appearance, simple to install, highly accurate for reading temperatures of the return supply, recirculation line, cold water supply and/or mixing valves. 
    • The copper temperature sensor has a wide measuring range. Waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-rust.
    • The resistance in the wire will change as the temperature does, and by supplying a constant current, the measured voltage will drop across this resistance which can be used to determine the temperature. 
    • For the AutoHotEMS additional temperature sensors can be purchased.
  • CT Logger Front View Open

    Current Transducer (CT) Logger | Split Core Current Switch | 20A

    • The CT binary current switches provide a cost-effective solution for monitoring the run time of any piece of equipment, such as: Pumps, boilers, fans, or heat pumps. Connects easily to the AutoHot EMS controller in one of (4) available CT inputs
    • Measures alternating current (AC) in a conductor without the need to disconnect the conductor or interrupt the electrical circuit.
    • Low setpoint – minimum trip point as low as 0.15 A, avoids the need for multiple wraps of the conductor through the sensor even on loads as small as 1/5 hp.
    • Removable mounting bracket provides installation flexibility.
    • Quick installation – split-core for fast retrofit installation.
    • Induced from monitored current sensor power.
    • The CT logger connects to our line of commercial controllers.
  • router_white_front view

    KuWFi Wi-Fi Router | 300Mbps | Waterproof | Router | 4G Sim Card

    • For Use With Commercial Controllers for Remote Monitoring.
    • Can be used for connecting the AutoHot EMS to Remote Monitoring if a Wi-Fi Network is not available.
    • Can be used for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Easy-to-install wireless connectivity in remote locations.
    • Internet connection sharing for multiple devices (as long as they are in range) can access the WiFi network at the same time.
    • The download speed is up to 150 mbps, upload speed is up to 50 mbps, and wireless transmission speed is 300 mbps. 
    • Reduces co-channel interference, expands the wireless transmission range, and eliminates dead zones.
    • The waterproof and dust proof casing ensures it can withstand harsh outdoor climates and indoor industrial environments.
  • External Relay | ERK-001 | Kit

    • External Relay Kit, for use with AutoHot controller and pumps greater than 1/3HP or pumps without capacitors.
    • The Enovative External Relay may be required in controlling larger pumps that do not come paired with the controller.
    • The neutral wire (white) connects through the relay box from the wall all the way to the pump. The hot wire (black) connects from the wall to one side of the relay, then the second hot wire (black) will run from the pump to the other side of the relay.