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Determining the correct AutoHot® System for your home is simple. AutoHot® system is easily configurable to match any situation. Follow the steps below, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

choose the right system in 3 simple steps


Determine Ideal Pump Size


Identify Install Location


Select Activation Options


Determine ideal pump size

The pump size will affect the speed at which the water moves through the pipes. The  larger the house or the more lineal feet of piping, the bigger the pump size you would want to be able to get hot water throughout the house quickly.
  • 55 Series Pump – Most common size, fits on most homes that are 2200sq ft or smaller, or if you have tankless water heater and less than 150 lineal feet between the heater and the furthest fixture
  • 99 Series Pump – For larger homes, or when you have a tankless system with more than 150 lineal feet of pipe between the heater and the furthest fixture.
  • 150 Series Pump – Oversized pump used for special applications, contact us for suitability.

identify install location

Are you installing your AutoHot® System on a return line or under the sink at the furthest fixture from the water heater? The install location determines whether you need the “Under Sink Kit (-USK).”
Use a system with “-USK” in the model number if:

  • You do not have a dedicated return line
  • Retrofitting a house without an existing circulator pump
  • You are installing at the end of a “dead-leg” branch line or riser
Do not choose a model number with “-USK” if:

  • If you have dedicated return line
  • You are not installing under a sink, but are installing by the water heater
  • You have an existing circulator pump


select activation options

Select the way in which you will activate the system when you want hot water delivered throughout the house. The AutoHot® System comes standard with one wired stainless steel button, but you may add additional activators and mix and match different activation styles to suit your needs.
  • Wired Decora Rocker Switch (White)
  • Wired Pushbutton (Chrome)
  • Wired Motion Sensor (Ceiling mount or wall recessed versions)
  • Wireless Push Button (Up to 1000 ft. range)
  • Wireless Motion Sensor (Up to 500 ft. range)

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